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TF Construction Documentation


To install the StoreOne Pro Theme you must first have a working WordPress installation. For information on Installing WordPress, please see Installing WordPress, from the WordPress Codex. Once WordPress has been setup in your hosting environment, you can install your theme one of two ways:

WordPress Dashboard: download your theme and sign into your WordPress dashboard (e.g., Navigate to Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload → Choose File , and select your zipped theme folder, click “Install Now”. Once the theme is uploaded you will need to activate it.

WordPress Dashboard Theme Installation

FTP upload: download and un-zip your theme folder, and using the FTP program (Ex. FileZila) of your choice upload the theme folder to the ‘../wp-content/themes/’ folder on your server. After that Activate theme into WordPress site Admin Dashboard → Appearance → themes.

Front Page Setup

  1. Create Home and Blog pages.
  2. Go to Settings → Reading
  3. Set Frontpage Display to A static Page select Home form Homepage and Blog for Post Page

Edit Page “Home” select template Home to show front page items ex slider banners etc.

Front Page Setup


Site Identity

Logo: recommended image dimensions are 500×100.

Site Title: your site title.

Tagline:tagline is short phrase, or sentence, used to convey the essence of the site and is often funny or eye-catching. it will appear below your site title.

Site Icon: a icon that will appear on browser window’s title bar with title.

Frontpage Options


Create page with Featured Image for slider.
Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Slider Options.
Select pages you created for slider
Recommended image size 1500×800

Project Options

Create page with Featured Image for Project.
Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Project Options.
Select pages you created for slider

Services Options

Create pages for Services.
Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Services Options.
Select pages you created for slider.